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MoDE Activities

1. Mobility in Europe towards NGOs – a tool for democracy

Strasbourg, 30th April March 2010

Centre Europйen de la Jeunesse, 30, rue Pierre de Coubertin

click here to download the report of the round - table

2. Two weeks mobility exchange of volunteers

ALDA has selected a volunteer to take part in a two-week mobility activity in Plovdiv (Bulgaria).

The activity is part of the MoDE (Mobility for Democracy in Europe) project, which encourages mobility between NGOs in Europe to enhance the flow of capacities and promote volunteering in Europe.

His name is Claudio La China and he will accompany an ALDA staff member to Plovdiv, where both will get to know National Forum API, the hosting NGO. National Forum API is a small, but very active organisation that is supported by many volunteers. With their help, its five staff members carry out manifold activities in the sectors of culture, international exchange, education in human rights and active citizenship. Their projects concentrate on youth work and training.

This activity is a unique chance to get to know the working method of a highly interesting organisation and the country it is based in Bulgaria. But it will also bring benefits for the hosting NGO, as the volunteer will share his varied experience with National Forum API and thus create a reciprocal exchange.

To this end, the volunteer will be expected to join the hosting NGO’s team during his stay, to lead online mentoring sessions (together with the ALDA staff member) and write a report on the activity that will be published online.

Mr La China will spend two weeks, from 15th to 26th November, in Plovdiv, helping the staff of the organization host in their daily tasks.



At the Social Center after a brief description of the activities to be carried out as by the director of the Center, equipped with a jacket with a red cross printed on front and back, I had the task of taking from the hands of the regular guests of the Center of their food containers empty. So, after the cook had filled those containers, I had to return guests with their containers full of food and a piece of bread.

After this activity, I had to help load on a van many parcels containing clothing and shoes, that had to be moved elsewhere.


The day began meeting with executives of an agency recognized by the Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria that deals with the internationalization of small and medium enterprises. Then, as planned, we worked in the office for the preparation of activities to be performed next week.

Monday, November 22 2010, after I begin my day at the Social Centre, I meet with university students who will do the questions to find out what they know of this type of community projects.

By Claudio La China

My first impression by Alda volunteer to Plovdiv it was very nice. Stoyka was punctual and so I met a very professional woman. I think together we will do an interesting work to MoDe Proje


Meeting at the Social Center for adult people. The meeting started with a small presentation by mrs. Eli Panova SC Director about the activities and services in the center. We met 7 adult people who visited the center regulary and 1 person from the staff.

We discussed topics live. Citizens everyday life, Italian State Organization; work and unemployement situation in order to life cost, national culture, etc. 

The main method was a discussion .The way of speaking was the same as volunteer organization’s working method. It could be as a good example for the future work in this field.

The activity fits the previews expectations both of host and the volunteer.



Claudio La China (ALDA MoDE Volunteer)