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Information campaign for citizens

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A project supproted by ALDA


With the support of the European Union: Support for organisations active at European level in the field of active citizenship.

Welcome to our project web site!

On this home page we'll introduce our project and highlight important issues on our activities .

The purpose of the project proposal is to conduct information campaign between NGOs working in the civil sector, local authorities and young people on the new right and the development of an internet-based platform for collaboration and future initiatives. An emphasis will be given to an exchange of ideas on how NGOs working for the civil rights will encourage the use of the new right of citizens' initiative provided by the Lisbon Treaty. How they intend to facilitate the actions of the civil society to take advantage of the new instrument. Strengthening citizen participation in the formation of the European policies is of particular importance for the future of Europe.

A project of the National Forum API , 2010